Duration of contract

In case of every new contract the host service and website designing contract’s minimum length is one year. The contract takes effect from the date specified by it and is valid until the expiration date. During this period both parties are bound to the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

After the signing of the contract, the parties have the following obligations, rights and limitations:

  • In any case is forbidden to publish pornographic, insulting or racist contents on hosting services rented from our company. It is also forbidden to publish contents which do not obey the laws of Romania. If such are discovered by our company, we do not take any responsibility for these, we remove all website data from our servers and suspend temporarily the hosting service.
  • Commercial activities can be ran by a website on our servers only if it meets all requirements by law.
  • In case of debts we reserve our right to suspend hosting service without any prior or further notice. We do not take responsibility for any financial loss whatsoever.

The pricing of our services

Every service’s fee is expressed in EUROs and is converted to RON according to the exchange rate valid on the transaction’s day. Every fee has VAT added. However, you are free to request personalized quotation if having any special notions.

Last updated: 2014.02.22.

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