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My name is Zsolt Baliga and I’m making webpages for about a year. Since then it became more than a it’s my passion.

The wery first webpage designed by me is used by the office of an ensurance broker firm, Destine Broker, situated in jud. Harghita and their employees and it is running under an MLM system. Soon after I’ve designed the second webpage which helps the emlpoyees and students work in the Domokos Pál Péter Elementary School.

You can take a look at my works under the Portfolio menu. At the same time if you need any help you can use the online e-mail sending form, or the chatbox on the bottom right of the main page.

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Team Goals are not important only to motivate us. They are essential because in fact they keep us alive...

Robert Harold Schuller

Tel.: 0747 860 553

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“You have made our school's website in a professional way. It fulfills all the expectations. It can be handled easily, we can upload every data connected to our school, the contents are obviously arranged, it's spectacular and nevertheless very useful.”

Máthé Zoltán - director
Domokos Pál Péter Elementary School
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